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Family Home

Big success for binderholz

In collaboration with important Italian customers binderholz has received orders for the construction of housing in the earthquake zone of L´Aquila in Italy. The main criteria for this Governmental tender were for fast, efficient, inexpensive, ecological, and high-quality building.
Out of 63 participants, 15 companies gained orders, and for wood based construction binderholz obtained the lion’s share of the order.
Most of the new buildings will be 3 storeys high, and will each contain up to 30 apartments.  On a total living space of 20,000m² more than 1.000 people will have new accommodation.
Because of the large orders, the production facilities of binderholz in Tyrol and Salzburg will be used to capacity.
Due to the fact that the re-building will last for more 5 years, binderholz also anticipates follow up business.
The Italian Government is aiming that all people made homeless by the earthquake, (who are currently living in hotels or tents), will be re-housed into high quality apartments before the onset of winter.
BBS cross laminated timber is a multi-layered solid wood construction. Thanks to the gluing of longitudinal and transverse layers, the ”working“ of the wood is reduced to a negligible degree. Thus, the high standards of a modern building material ,which is earthquake safe, are assured.

Project describtion / construction progress

Project L´Aquila 1
Project L´Aquila 2
Project L´Aquila 3