BCL - Best Casa Line

binderholz is continuing to expand the options for its customers in the project business and is now offering, alongside the complete range of products for wood construction and numerous services, the CNC processing of glulam beams. At one of the most state-of-the-art, high-performance wookworking centers in Europe, everything is possible, from standard cuts clear to a three-dimensional processing. The all-purpose high-tech processing center is ideally suited for the trimming of special components or components with large dimensions. Thus binderholz has become a complete system partner for wood-construction solutions in the constructive area.

The woodworking center makes a broad range of services available for providing solutions in innovative and creative wood construction. Complicated angle cuts, lathing, rounding, milled edges and drillings of the greatest precision (+ / - 0.5 mm) are all possible. With binderholz as supplier and partner, the competitiveness of wood-construction businesses is heightened and opportunities for the realization of projects outside of any standard are opening up. So binderholz is the ideal system partner for securing market success on a sustainable basis.


new business fields and the realization of projects beyond the standard program - large projects, engineering wood construction. System solutions in glulam, BKH construction timber, cross laminated timber BBS and solid wood panels.

low-priced, efficient and rapid processing of BSH special components and components with large dimensions

constant high quality and greatest precision

great flexibility in production, and new application possibilities

implementation of common and unusual customer requests in state-of-the-art wood-construction solutions

the chance to respond quickly and competitively to customer requests

on-schedule delivery of both the trimmed material and ready-to-assemble kits to the construction site - no warehouse manipulation, lower costs for logistics

great exactitude and avoidance of errors through direct adoption of the planning and design data
from the CAD program used

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CNC woodworking center - technical data