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Glulam has been produced at the Jenbach site in Tyrol since 1996. Production takes place at two separate plants. binderholz is among the manufacturers with the highest output worldwide. Raw materials are supplied by the group‘s own large sawmills in Fügen in Austria and Kösching in Germany. The geographical position of the plant in the middle of European key markets allows short routes to the customer and the shortest delivery times.


Manufacture takes place with the help of technically highly developed production methods. Beams of the strength classes GL 24, GL 28, GL 32, GL 36 are produced.

binderholz is a supplier of the full range of glulam products. The core competence lies in the production of straight as well as curved beams.



High load bearing capacity: Low dead load and high loading capacity (lighter than steel constructions at the same load bearing capacity) enable large spans with minimum dimensions.

High dimensional stability: Due to production techniques, glulam is a dimensionally stable material with minimised cracking.

Large variety of shapes: Glulam can be produced in virtually any shape and size

High value surface quality: excellent appearance thanks to the latest scanning and planing technologies

Swelling and shrinking: Glulam is dried to built-in moisture. Therefore the natural shrinking, swelling, and associated leaks and cracking is reduced

High fire resistance: The calculated combustion value of softwood is only 0.7 mm/min. In contrast with other building materials the combustion behaviour is safe and predictable (load bearing capacity is retained longer than for steel constructions)

Earthquake-safe: Glulam enables earthquake-proof construction



Raw material from the best forests, factories with their own production control, regular external inspections by independent institutes, and complete documentation are the principles of binderholz quality assurance.



binderholz logistics department has optimum solutions for prompt and reliable delivery.



Processing: simple and quick

Prefabrication: short assembly times thanks to high level of prefabrication

Small component dimensions: saving potential by using components with high load bearing capacities



Climate: CO2 remains a long-term compound in components made from wood and does not result in pollution to the atmosphere

Sustainability: The wood used originates from sustainable managed forests

Transport: The low weight of timber reduces transport costs and harmful waste gases

Natural resistance: Wood is corrosion-resistant and behaves favourably to chemical aggressive substances. There is no need for chemical wood protection when used properly

Recycling: Glulam is environmentally friendly, can be recycled or used for thermal utilisation.



EN 14080 Glulam


ÖNORM DIN 4074-4


Gluing approval A

Approval certificate



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