BCL - Best Casa Line

Blower Door set

A blower door system was carried out on this BBS thermo house. This measurement is used to test the airproof impermeability of the building. The test lasts about 4 to 5 hours and is a cheap way of "measuring" the building quality.

Different kinds of pressure are produced in a building. For this purpose, a ventilator is built into a door or a window. So-called leakages [leaky points] can then be localised by a flow meter.

Then the volume flow that is required for the 50 pa differential pressure is measured. If you divide this value with the air volume of the examined building, thus, you obtain the so-called n50 value. This value is internationally used for the evaluation of the air impermeability of buildings. An n50 value of 3 per hour means that with a differential pressure of 50 pa the air volume of the building is exchanged three times per hour.

As a quality requirement for a passive house, the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt quotes an n50 value that equals or is smaller than 0.60 per hour [0.60 1/h]. The blower door measurement of the BBS thermo house resulted in an n50 value of 0.70 1/h. An expert opinion confirmed this.

The house was built in accordance with BBS thermo details recommended by us. Simple and controllable details, the use of EPDM sealing bands, and an intelligent installation led to these results and this without foils or complex connection details.