BCL - Best Casa Line

BBS wall [cellar, outside, inside, partition]

BBS wall elements solidly and definitely fulfil all static, reinforcement, fire prevention, and building physics requirements. The visible surfaces of the BBS walls can be used inside or outside in their natural colour or can be painted. The possibility also exists to partly plank the wall elements or to plaster them.

If the wall elements are used vertically, they can be attached to the next floor or attached as one piece for more floors. Thereby, every individual element acts as a stiffened plate.

If horizontally attached, the production length of 24 m can be economically used, especially combined with the BBS visible surfaces. With the combination of vertically and horizontally attached wall elements, the bearer effect with the stiffened plate effect can be statically made use of in an optimal way.

The opening part of external walls lies between 15 and 40 %. The BBS element construction in accordance with the basic principle to omit openings, save cuttings, precisely applies with walls.