BCL - Best Casa Line

How do you define performance?

Imagine a conventional ruler. Hold the ruler upright as if it was an upright built-in wall element. Now press the top of the ruler with the palm of your hand. What happens? The ruler “bends”.

When do you think a 2.5 m high, 125 cm wide and 98 mm thick „BBS ruler“ bends? By exactly 155,300 kg.

Licences | Monitoring

European Technical Approval ETA-06/0009
German Technical Approval Z-9.1-534

Our factory manager checks the produced elements on a daily basis to make sure they are free of error. Our factory and the production of the elements are regularly checked by one of the best supervisory boards. Not only the conformity symbol, but also the official glueing authorisation confirms the rigorous checking of the elements and their production.

Compared to its weight, BBS is one of the highest-performance building materials.