BCL - Best Casa Line

From room to room

The LOUD family and the QUIET family live above each other. A drummer lives next door. How shall the architect plan the partition ceilings and partition walls? Who can guarantee the builder that the constructions comply with the norm?

Thus, for a BBS project with more storeys, 2 test buildings with 2 floors respectively were built next to each other. And this is what was measured:

BBS shell [connections | flanking transmission]
Partition ceiling in visible quality | shell and with floor construction
Partition walls in one-sided and double-sided visible quality.

We can recommend constructions to you that fulfil all the requirements in the sound separating field. Here a few examples:

Partition ceiling
Example A | subsonic noise L’nT, w = 46 dB | airborne sound R’w = 65 dB
Example B | subsonic noise L’nT, w = 44 dB | airborne sound R’w = 57 dB

Partition wall
Example A | one-sided visible | airborne sound DnT, w = 67 dB
Example B | visible on both sides | airborne sound DnT, w = 62 dB

The test buildings were built in accordance with the recommended BBS details. The good results also confirm that very simple airproof and wind tight building shells are possible with BBS. Without foils and with simple connection details. The test engineer finds leakages immediately. This is important for the whole building physic of a building, like for example heat insulation and fire protection. And this is another reason why we manufacture all longitudinal lengths of the element from single-ply boards.

Our experience is your advantage.