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BBS ceiling [cellar, storey, partition]

Building the ceilings with Binder cross laminated timber BBS does not only have constructive advantages like better fire prevention, plate effect, self-supporting and dry construction methods, but also finished visible surfaces, as well as a fair dosage of living comfort due to the positive effect the bulk of wood has on the air condition in the room.

BBS partition ceilings are being increasingly used in multi-storey buildings. The ceiling elements that are mostly 148mm thick fulfil 90 minutes fire-resistance and all sonic requirements for a partition ceiling by usual burdens and span lengths. The advantages just simply cannot be ignored.

Faster and drier installation, immediately able to withstand strain, finished soffit, safeguarded by R90 certificate, and functioning ceiling constructions as proven in tests. Because BBS can be easily combined with other materials, BBS partition ceilings are installed together with walls made of brick, concrete, lightweight construction, etc.

Partition ceiling with wet flooring construction

Partition ceiling with dry flooring construction

Here we refer to the possible kinds of timber and quality of BBS.