BCL - Best Casa Line

Fire Prevention

Binder cross laminated timber BBS definitely burn at a rate of 0.67 mm per minute and therefore the duration of the fire can be exactly calculated. The element connections are impervious to gas and smoke and the fire cannot spread. The BINDER module functions in the case of fire like a capsule. A rapid spread of the fire is prevented due to the solid and secure construction. The fire remains in the room.

Most fire victims do not die from burns, but from smoke and gas poisoning. This is another reason why we manufacture all longitudinal layers of the elements from single-ply boards. Therefore, the fire must compete against solid wood without grooves on every part of the element.
The whole construction is impervious to gas and smoke.

BBS burn. But safely!

If one side of BBS burns with approx. 1.210 °C, only 9.5° C penetrates through to the other side of the 10 cm thick BBS after 60 minutes. Therefore, just imagine that you build BBS as a roof element and outside the temperature is a summery 35 °C. How much of this summer heat would you feel in your living area?

Here we ask ourselves, what is actually the task of heat insulation, both in winter and summer? Since then we have been dealing with BBS thermo.

Why is the handle of the frying pan made of wood?