BCL - Best Casa Line

Just simply feel good

Have you ever asked yourself the question, if a building material exists that fulfils all the requirements for a building shell at the same time? That is facade and wall at the same time. Weatherproof outside and has a finished surface inside. A building material that insulates heat and can carry a load at the same time. That is fireproof and absorbs sound. If this building material could also be built dry and had an influence on the well being of humans, then this building material would be a very good invention.

We do not claim that BBS thermo is such a building material. However, we are working on it.

BBS thermo is a monolithic building material. Thus, a piece of wood. You can simply plan and build with it. All details are simply solvable and the planned building physic can easily be monitored on the building site. This is regarded as one of the biggest advantages by various planners. No complexity of the construction. No foils. No complicated details. It is easy to build as it is planned, and this is how simple it is to check what you have built.

99.4 % wood and 0.60 % glue.
That is BBS thermo. The external top layer of BBS thermo is a single-ply board made of individually glued boards. Because the glue is waterproof, UV durable and open to diffusion, this single-ply board can be used as a finished facade. The inner top layer of the BBS thermo is also a single-ply board. This has the nature of a board, is planed down smoothly, and can be used immediately as an “inhabitable” surface.

And all remaining longitudinal lengths of BBS thermo are also single-ply boards, in order to achieve the best fireproof results and good sound insulation.

With a building material, you normally always associate solidity, fireproof, sound insulation; heat insulation ... The effect on the feel good factor of the inhabitant is mostly ignored. With BBS thermo, this is the most important factor!

In winter, the surfaces are lovely and warm. The large bulk of wood is an optimal heat and humidity accumulator. This is why rooms made of BBS thermo are warm in the winter and save energy when heating and have comfortable and cool room air conditions in the summer.

Just simply do more for your well-being.