BCL - Best Casa Line

Duo/trio beams consist of two (duo) or three (trio) timber lamella bonded together. They are available in top visual and also industrial quality. Due to the small number of glue joints, they are particularly suitable for appearance applications where the beams are visible, emphasising the character of solid wood.


Combined shipment with glulam and BKH solid structural wood possible.

Due to production techniques, the beams are dimensionally stable.

Defined strength class in accordance with Euro Codes.

Low moisture content, maximum 15%.

High and consistent surface quality.

Short delivery times due to a regular stockholding.


Wood species spruce.

Gluing finger joint: polyurethane (PUR).

surface: modified melamine resin, light, non darkening joints.

Grading class S 10, C 24.

Surface quality surfaced on four sides, chamferred, visual and industrial quality.

Moisture content max. 15 %.

Packaging in packets, foiled if required.

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