BCL - Best Casa Line

The oak tree amongst the conifers

The larch is known as the oak tree amongst the conifers and is used therefore very often outside.

The high durability and hardiness allow larch wood to be used for the facade without using any additional wood preservation.

Due to these excellent durable characteristics of larch wood, we offer BBS thermo exterior walls, which can be installed with the external top layer in larch and the internal top layer in quality for use in visible areas, as a ready made exterior wall.

Larch wood is 25 % heavier than spruce wood. This results in larch BBS having higher noise insulation than spruce.

A different kind of radiation protection

BBS made of larch wood from a certain size on, is especially capable of shielding against geological disturbance zones [earth radiation, water veins] and all kinds of disturbing impulses.

The same goes for electrical and electromagnetic rays.

Due to this knowledge, the use of BBS cellar ceilings made of larch wood is sensible.