BCL - Best Casa Line

Type of timber, qualities

For the manufacturing of BBS, central-European spruce wood is basically used, that largely comes from the binderholz-Gruppe (binderholz group) sawmills [binderholz Germany].

For the top layers in visible quality the wood types spruce, larch, silver fir, douglas, and Swiss stone pine are at your disposal.

Example: spruce for use in living
areas AB
Example: spruce for use in industrial
areas BC

For use in living areas AB, one-sided or both sides for use in industrial areas BC, both sides.


The top layers of BBS are sorted in accordance with the grading criteria of DIN EN 13017-1.

Grading top layer

Processing of the surfaces

BBS is always smoothly planed on both sides, the longitudinal edges are slightly chamfered, and the longitudinal edges are furnished with standard profiles like grooves or slits.

The using of the latest plane technique, results in the prevention of plane knocks [clearly noticeable snaking] on the surface.

If desired, one side can be additionally smoothed and in the future also brushed.

Character of the surface

The surfaces of BBS appear to have a board character as known from conventional solid slabs. The surface results in a calm picture, because neither glued tongue and groove boards nor kinds of laminated top layers are used.werden.