BCL - Best Casa Line

Living comfortably

With a 24 cm thick BBS and a room temperature of +21°C the surface is +20.1°C warm. The comfort temperature is defined in accordance with EN ISO 7730 as in the middle between room and surface temperature. As in the above BBS room [21 + 20.1]/2 = +20.5°C. If you build or plank with cold materials, this will result in lower surface temperatures. In order to achieve the same comfort temperature of +20.5°C with cold surfaces, the room temperature must be raised. This results again in high energy costs. Each and every one of us knows what it means regarding the heating costs if a room has to be heated by 1°C more.

Which heating bill does this effect?

BBS reacts to changes in temperature quite lethargically. A lot of us find fluctuations in the room temperature, but also in the room density as uncomfortable. If it gets cold quickly in a room when the heater shuts down, or if it becomes unbearably hot on a hot day, here we are talking about a hut climate. BBS surely protects you from such procedures, in summer and winter.

Have you ever celebrated New Year’s Eve in a log cabin?