BCL - Best Casa Line

BBS roof [gable, lean-to, flat]

BBS can be used for every kind of roof. The great advantage of the roof elements lies in the fact that only a few hours are needed for erecting. Thus, rain impermeability and finished visible surfaces on the inside are quickly possible. BBS roof elements are self-supporting. This makes a covering of large system distances possible. The elements also take on a stiffening function.

BBS roof constructions securely and solidly fulfil all static, fire prevention and sound technical requirements. As far as the summery heat protection [protection against the overheating of the building in summer] is concerned, the roof system plays an extremely important part compared to the wall construction.

The construction of BBS, which is cellulose variably orientated, ideally counteracts the leap in temperature [optimal phase displacement]. If you observe winter and summer heat protection together, BBS combines two important characteristics in one product: it insulates and stores heat well.