BCL - Best Casa Line


Wood is a material created by nature. Therefore, it does not contain any chemical additives and does not give off any damaging substances.

Wood is the only renewable and for this reason sustainable material. Wood is a cosy material for everyone and familiar to everyone.

CO2 Problem – greenhouse effect

Wood can actively store CO2 and thus counteracts the greenhouse effect. Making more use of wood in the building industry leads to more permanently bound CO2.

Only 1 m3 BBS is able to store 750 kg CO2. This is in no relation to the CO2 discharge when manufacturing 1 m3 of BBS.

100 m3 BBS is able to store the amount of bound CO2, that approx. 40 vehicles give off during their lifetime.


BBS is ecologically recyclable. Reuse makes sense ecologically and leads to direct cost advantages.

From 1 m3 of BBS, you attain approx. 3 cubic metres of dry, chopped material, which can be either processed to derived timber products or thermally used as high-quality fuel.

Compared with other materials, the production of timber requires very small amounts of energy.

Energy consumption for the production
of various building materials (kW/m³)

Air temperature = 20° C

Timber 350
Concrete 700
Steel 46.000
Aluminium 141.500