BCL - Best Casa Line

Make use of these surfaces

With a 24 cm thick BBS and a room temperature of +21°C the surface is +20.1°C warm, and this with an outdoor temperature of only +1.1°C. However, this is not the only reason why all longitudinal layers of BBS are manufactured from single-ply boards and every BBS is planed on both surfaces after the gluing process.

As an optimal storage for heat and density, BBS acts self-adjusting to the room air conditions. Thus, the BBS rooms are comfortably warm in winter and can save energy when heating. The temperature of the wood surface is always close to the temperature in the room and therefore has a positive effect on the comfort of the inhabitants. The sufficiently high capability of the solid wood building components creates an agreeably cool room temperature in the summer.

Would you plaster a cradle made of wood?